A long hot Summer in Palestine

2018 · Documentary

“I’m 16 and I’ve already been through 3 wars.”
Farah Baker, a young Palestinian, denounced in a tweet followed by 70 000 people, the situation of Gazans under the Israeli blockade.
Summer 2014, shocked by her tweet and by the war on Gaza, I took my camera
and encountered Palestinians in Bethlehem before, during and after the war on Gaza. Through an artist, a banker, a florist, a woman race driver, a woman mayor… We discover how they are affected by this conflict in their daily life
and how they rebuild their society despite the oppression.

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Production Information

Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 74min + 52min TV
Shooting format: DV 4/3
Broadcast format: HD, DCP – stereo
Subtitles: English and French
Original language: Arabic

Cinema Projections

Played already in Cinema Theater of: Utopia Avignon, Le Semaphore at Nîmes. Le Diagonale at Montpellier. Cinema Odyssée at Strasbourg. Cinema Opéra in Lyon. Cinema Mourguet at Saint Foy les Lyons. Cinema Dyke at Puy en Vellay. Cinema Melies at Saint Etienne. Cinema La Mouche at Saint Genis Laval. Cinema Rio at Villerupt (Moselle). Cinema Espaces des Collines Saint Donat. Cinema Mon Ciné à Saint –Martin d’Hères, next to Grenoble…

Will play at cinema:  29th of May 2018 at Cinéma Louis Delluc in Nontron and on the 30th of May. 2018 at Cinéma Studio 53 in Boulazac in Dordogne. Cinema Forum at Chambéry 1-3 of June 2018.

Distribution / Contact

Norma Marcos
21 rue Lieutenant chauré
75020, Paris, France.
Tel: 331 40318887
e-mail: norma.marcos@orange.fr

Production Credits

Director: Norma Marcos
Camera: Norma Marcos
Sound: Norma Marcos
Editing : Catherine d’Hoir, Cesar Paes, Theo Carrere
Producer: Norma Marcos
Photos: Richard Howard
Calligrapghy: Ahmed Dari
Original music: Agnès Vincent
Executive producer: François-Xavier Decraene
Sound editing: Catherine d’Hoir, Adam Wolny
Sound mixing: Adam Wolny, Adrien Engelbert
Voice over recording: Philippe Fabbri
Archives: Maan television
Graphiste: Vincent Patural
Post production: Polyson, Patrick Long
Colour grading: Kevin Stragliati
Shooting locations: Palestine


Selected in Ciné Palestine film festival and at Women film festival in Toulouse, December 2017.

Selected at Women film festival in Créteil, March 2018.

Was in competition at Tetouan International Film Festival in Morroco, Sardinia Arab film festival, March 2018.

Selected at ERAP film festival in the Rhône Alpes-Auvergne region, April 2018.

Got Special Mention , April 2018 in an Italian film festival: 16° Festival internationale Segni della Notte (Urbino, Italy).

Is in competition at Arab film festival in Paris at IMA (Institut du Monde Arabe)

in June-July 2018.