A long hot Summer in Palestine

2018, Documentary

“I’m 16 and I’ve already been through 3 wars.” Farah Baker, a young Palestinian, denounced in a tweet followed by 70 000 people, the situation of Gazans under the Israeli blockade.

A long hot Summer in Palestine

Summer 2014, shocked by her tweet and by the war on Gaza, I took my camera and encountered Palestinians in Bethlehem before, during and after the war on Gaza. Through an artist, a banker, a florist, a woman race driver, a woman mayor… We discover how they are affected by this conflict in their daily life and how they rebuild their society despite the oppression.

Production Credits

Production Information

Genre: Documentary / Running Time: 74min + 52min TV / Shooting format: DV 4/3 / Broadcast format: HD, DCP – stereo / Subtitles: English and French / Original language: Arabic


Selected in Ciné Palestine film festival and at Women film festival in Toulouse, December 2017. / Selected at Women film festival in Créteil, March 2018. / Was in competition at Tetouan International Film Festival in Morroco, Sardinia Arab film festival, March 2018. / Selected at ERAP film festival in the Rhône Alpes-Auvergne region, April 2018. / Got Special Mention , April 2018 in an Italian film festival: 16° Festival internationale Segni della Notte (Urbino, Italy). / Is in competition at Arab film festival in Paris at IMA (Institut du Monde Arabe) in June-July 2018.

Production Credits

Director: Norma Marcos / Camera: Norma Marcos / Sound: Norma Marcos / Editing: Catherine d’Hoir, Cesar Paes, Theo Carrere / Producer: Norma Marcos / Photos: Richard Howard / Calligrapghy: Ahmed Dari / Original music: Agnès Vincent / Executive producer: François-Xavier Decraene / Sound editing: Catherine d’Hoir, Adam Wolny / Sound mixing: Adam Wolny, Adrien Engelbert / Voice over recording: Philippe Fabbri / Archives: Maan television / Graphiste: Vincent Patural / Post production: Polyson, Patrick Long / Colour grading: Kevin Stragliati / Shooting locations: Palestine

Distribution / Contact

Norma Marcos / 21 rue Lieutenant chauré / 75020, Paris, France /Tel: 331 40318887 / e-mail: norma.marcos@orange.fr