Fragments of a lost Palestine

2010, Documentary

The film is a subjective journey, shot as fragmented memories of my country of birth, Palestine as I have remembered it throughout my years in exile. Art comes most of the time from the roots. Exile can help an artist to see more clearly in memory what was too close for clarity in actual experience.

Fragments of a lost Palestine

Palestinian artists in exile, who had been away from their birthplace for many years, returned again and again to the theme of Palestine as well as Western writers or artists such as James Joyce and Picasso who wrote and painted on the subject of their native countries (Ulysse and the bullfights). My film is above all an encounter with my people, intellectuals, peasants and workers including my niece Yara whom I have been filming since she was 7 years old. When possible my camera captures her stages of growth on all levels.

Production Credits

Production Information

Duration: 74’ / Genre: Documentary / Subtitles: French & English / Support: Digital Beta / Original language: Arabic / Subtitles: French & English / Country of production: France / Year of production: 2010


Selected at Boston, San Francisco, Berkley Los Angeles festivals (writer’s guild at Beverley hills, Sheffield international film festival, Showroom film festival, Escales documentaries La Rochelle International film festival, Dubai international film festival, Kerala film festival, India, Al-Ard film festival Sardinia, Chicago film festival, Doc à Tunis film festival, Image du fleuve, Mauritanie.

Production Credits

Director: Norma Marcos / Producers: Norma Marcos, Fernand Garcia / Cinematography and sound: Norma Marcos / Additional camera: Stéphane Rossi / Editor: Manu Bodin / Sound mixer: Simon Apostolou / Subtitles: Isabelle Erchoff

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Norma Marcos / 21 rue Lieutenant chauré / 75020, Paris, France / Tel: 331 40318887/ e-mail: