Wahdon (Alone)

2014, Short Film

Wahdon retraces a Palestinian historical event through the poetic vision of the Lebanese writer, Talal Haidar. This parallel spiritual perspective integrates some of the symbols from Dante’s Inferno, such as Dante’s entry into a dark forest where he faces trials. One of these initial trials is when he meets 3 fierce animals, one of which is a wolf.

Wahdon (Alone)

The Palestinian commandos in my film faced difficult inner emotional trials before going to what they knew could be their death. In my film, Françoise has a symbolic link the guiding spiritual figure of Beatrice, who eventually leads Dante to the light. The symbolic link to Dante’s work aims to place the Palestinian question in a mythological and therefore universal context.

Production Credits

Production Information

Film locations: Lebanon / Year of production: 2014


Wahdon (Alone), 11’, shot in Lebanon, broadcast on France3 Corsica two times. It participated in the following festivals: festival de cinéma arabe à l’IMA, Paris, au festival international de Tétouan, au festival Cinéma Days de Beyrouth au Liban, festival de Chicago, Boston et Au tour du court à Paris, Festival de court (Cluj shorts) en Roumanie, festival des Arts du Sud. Proche Orient que peut le cinéma, aux Trois Luxembourg à Paris, Rome Independent international film festival, festival du Grain à Démoudre, Festival des courts à Ramallah, festival court en Champagne, festival combat, Bagdad International film festival, Golden Diana en Autriche, festival de Limoges, Festival des courts à Grasse. Festival de Contis.

Production Credits

Written and directed by: Norma Marcos / Actors: Hassiba Freiha, Jihad Al-Atrash, Alain Saadeh, Jamal Awar, Joe Seklaoui / Producers: Matthieu Warter / Executive producer: François-Xavier Decraene / Director of photography: Sean Fitzpatrick / Editor: Margot Meynier / Music composed by: Agnès Vincent / Vocals: Sofie Sörman / Sound engineer, sound designer, sound editor and mixing: Philippe Fabrri / Production supervisor: Elie Salibi / First Assistant to the dicrector: Ashraf Mtaweh / Steadycam operator: Ali Haydar / Artistic director: Ali Serhan / Costume surpervisor: Jiji Said / Equipments: Final cut equipments, rental house, Beirut, Lebanon / Genre: A short feature film / Post-Production France: Eclair Group / Colour Grading and special effects: Atelietvfx / Storyboard: Yves Brover

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15 Rue Roussy / 69004 Lyon 4EME