The Veiled Hope

1994 · Documentary

Is The Veiled Hope, as a title, ambiguous or pessimist? One thing is sure, it is realistic and full of  paradoxes. In the West, the image of Palestinian women is that of an Orientalist. Yet, the Palestinian women didn’t wait for the Intifadah  of 1987 to revolt.  This documentary  breaks the poor image of Palestinian women in the West. It also shows the chaotic place of women in the Palestinian society.

During 55’, the camera follows, in their daily life, five elite women including Hanane Ashraoui ex-Minster of education,  Hanane Arouri, physiotherapist, Yusra Barbari, president of Women Union in Gaza, Rima Tarasi, pianist and the doctor Joumanan Oudeh. The documentary also evokes beneath the surface (in filigree) the representation of women in the Palestinian paintings. They  are always veiled and masked. The details of their figures are rubbed out: their sensuality is absent, their bodies are stylised to the extreme, especially their faces.

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Production Information

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 55’
Produced by France3
Support : BETA SP
Original language: Arabic
Subtitles: French & English
Country of production : France
Year of production : 1994
Broadcast at: France3, Planète, Teva, Canal Horizon, TV5, SBS-Australia, Dutch T.V., MBC (London); Bulgarian, Macedonian and Algerian T.V.

Distribution / Contact

Distributor: Women Make Movies
Adress: 115 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001, USA
Téléphone: +1 212-925-0606

Release Date: 1994
Format(s): DVD

Production Credits

Director: Norma Marcos
Image: Peter Chappell
Sound: Philippe Fabbri
Editor: Dominique Pâris
Shot in super 16 in the West Bank and Gaza.


The film participated in more than 20 festivals: London, Marseille, Amsterdam, Paris, Montreal, Oslo, Beijing, Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, Münster, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Tuscany, etc and shown in several cinemas : Geneva, Brussels, Bordeau, Avignon, Toulouse, Rome.